Elsamere Centre for Education in Sustainability (CES)

The CES is an integral part of Elsamere which was established in 1989.The Adamson dream is kept alive through conservation education.

A wide range of educational programmes are provided for teachers, pupils, students, and community leaders.

We host other organised groups like church leaders and youth groups for seminars and retreat, NGOS and research groups.
Groups may arrange their own programmes using the available resources.


Facilities & Services:

Four self contained rooms for teachers / facilitators and three dormitories with shared accommodation which can accommodate upto 54 students / adults.

Buffet lunch is served to visiting groups.
Organised groups visiting Naivasha can book directly to the Centre for casual meals at reasonable prices.

Boat rides:
Students / groups can enjoy boat rides around the lake or to nearby Crescent Island.
The boats are fully equipped with life jackets  and operated by well-trained personnel.

Meeting rooms /conference rooms:
There are two conference halls with a capacity of 25 and 50 people respectively and are fully equipped with TV / video, overhead projector/ screen, writing materials, flip charts / marker pens and an LCD projector. We also offer extensive grounds for workshops and conference events.

Team building and Seminars:
We have spacious grounds for your team building activities.

We have a laboratory, available to students and researchers, to use for their studies and practicals. It is furnished with only the basic equipment; researchers are encouraged to bring their own specific instruments.

Transportation Hire:
We have a 33 seater coach and a 14 seater minibus that can be hired by our guests to and from Elsamere and for their excursions to local attractions..
We can arrange to collect your guests for you.

Visiting the Joy Adamson museum and gift shop in Elsamere Lodge, watch the Born Free movie, and participate in different conservation activities as organised


Other excursions include:
•    Visiting Flower farms,
•    Visiting Olkaria- Geothermal power plant.
•    Visiting Oloiden Lake to see flamingoes.
•    Crater Lake.
•    Crescent Island.